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The bush camp hunts consist of a three to four day hunting experience where you will see the real outback and shoot the trophy of a life time. It will be hunting experience to remember with well experienced outback hunting guides. Australia really is an untouched beauty, many parts of the property  has large creeks and beautiful rock formations with excellent fishing and swimming opportunities. Hunts are 100% guaranteed to shoot a buffalo bull.   


Bush camp hunts are always a group booking 2-4 but we can arrange the groups if you are a lone hunter. 

we will do one last stop in Katherine for you to buy the essentials you will need that we don't provide on this package.

checkout the bush camp page to get a look at the accommodation for a hunt.



  • 1x trophy water buffalo bull 

  • 1x meat animal

  • Dingos 

  • Fishing opportunities 

  • All food and snacks 

  • Drinking water 

  • Soft  Drinks 

  • Tent+stretcher for sleeping 

  • comfortable camp arrangement 

  • power and refrigiration 

  • Transfers from darwin



  • Extra animals 

  • Animals can be added from $200

  • USD to 3500USD

  • Packing of shipping crated $250

  • caping of add on animals $550

  • None hunter $300  per night 

You own rifles and bows are more than welcome but please be aware we need prior notice to organise import permits.

We have .223, .308, .338WM .375H&H,416REM and 458WIN onsite 

2024 PRICE

  • 1/1 $10500

  • 2/1  $8500

  • 3/1 $8000


  • Light breathable boots

  • At least three sets of hunting clothes suitable for a hot tropical climate, cotton shirts and shorts are the guides choice.

  • Comfortable clothes for relaxing in the evening   

  • Large brim hat or cap with sun screen. 

  • Toiletries for 4 days,5 nights

  • Towel

  • sleeping bag

  • digital camera if you wish 


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