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The Territory is home to 400 species of birds, 150 mammals, 300 reptiles, 50 frogs, 60 species of freshwater fish and several hundred species of marine fish.
Most local species of birds and mammals have been comprehensively recorded, but new species of fish, frogs, reptiles, invertebrates and plants continue to be discovered. In some areas of the NT you’ll see unusually rich numbers of species and concentrations of threatened species. These include the stone country of western Arnhem Land and Palm Valley as well as the floodplains of the Top End, home to vast numbers of waterbirds, fish, crocodiles, and many other species.
The Territory’s prolific bird life provides some of its most spectacular wildlife experiences. Witness the massive aggregations of magpie geese and dancing brolgas in the billabongs and floodplains of the north. See the noisy flocks of budgerigars and parrots in central Australia, and even spy the threatened gouldian finch.

Crocodiles, the most famous of the Territory’s creatures, can be seen in most rivers and billabongs in the Top End or at the wildlife parks around Darwin. There is almost a one-to-one ratio of crocs to humans in the north, so you’re sure to come across them in the local waterways.

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