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 We have a very comfortable hunting lodge, situated underneath a cloud of beautiful gumtrees by the crystal clear Conway's creek. Complete with two double plus single rooms with ensuites and two single rooms with ensuite. Hunting lodge accommodation comes with all food, wine and beer provided. The lodge is kept in pristine condition by the station's domestic cooking your breakfast and evening meals in a European style with just a side order of Australian BBQ culture. She will also pack us with a abundance of goodies to eat and drink on the hunt.

After the days hunting you will return to the lodge to talk about the many exciting events from the day over with a few cold refreshing drinks. Dinner time is a communal event at Conway's as the property is so large you will not see another human all day. Its interesting to catch up with the cattle team and farm hands and hear about the one that got away or the big bull they had to tie up.  Your air conditioned room will be fully cleaned and bed made ready for a good nights rest, you need all the composure you can get when staring down the barrel at the trophy of a lifetime.     

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