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Daily bag limit

During the declared season the limit for magpie geese is five birds per person, per day.

The daily bag limit for other listed waterfowl is 10 birds per person, per day.

The maximum allowable number of dead animals in a person's possession is as follows:

  • away from the person's place of residence is 15 magpie geese and 30 other listed birds

  • at the person's place of residence, the number is unlimited.

Hunting hours

You can only shoot during certain hours of each day:

  • October - 6am to 7pm

  • November - 5:45am to 7:15pm

  • December - 5:45am to 7:30pm

  • January - 6am to 7:30pm.

Closing dates

The hunting season closes on the following dates:

Howard Springs Hunting Reserve and Lambells Lagoon Conservation Reserve - 7:30pm on 23 December 2018.

All other areas including hunting reserves, Crown land and private property - 7:30pm on 2 January 2019.

Animals under this permit

Magpie goose

Pacific black duck

Grey teal

Hardhead duck (also known as white-eyed duck)

Maned duck (also known as wood duck)

Wandering whistling duck (also known as water whistle duck)

Plumed whistling duck (also known as grass whistle duck)

Pink-eared duck

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